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Dispensary Wednesday! @ka_ie_at_on (aka my Dispensary and Medicine Making Assistant) and I have been unpacking a dried herb order and we used the opportunity to do some training.
How can you tell if the plant you ordered is actually what it says it is on the label? How can you tell if it’s good quality? How do you know if it’s got little live critters? These are some of the things we have run through. There isn’t one quick answer – there is lots of detail and learning that takes place over time.
Quality is key. I use high quality suppliers that are either organic and prioritise Fair-trade and FairWild like @organicherbuk or herbalist suppliers that ensure their herbs are therapeutic grade quality. Just because i have great suppliers it doesn’t mean I don’t need to check EVERY dried herb etc that comes into my dispensary, and I have been known to turn the occasional one down.
With a degree in botany and over 15 years experience of using dried herbs in practice my patients get to benefit, as does Bee’s Teas 👊.
This morning tinctures and prescription teas have been dispensed, and unpacked and integrated. Now batches of Serenity and Bedtime Blend are being made. Then for a spot of lunch and working in the medicine gardening 😊