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Natural medicine is about reconnecting with nature at a deeper level, along with developing a better understanding of our own innate nature. Nutrition, herbal medicines, flower remedies, lifestyle approaches and nature therapies all form part of my practice.  I support individuals and groups who would like to deepen their connection with nature, return to a state of more harmonious flow and experience better health and wellbeing.

There are three main strands to my work:

One to one consultations

These provide you with bespoke support, which includes individualised lifestyle and nutritional recommendations, and herbal medicine that has been specifically formulated and dispensed just for you. It is a mind, body, spirit approach, working with you as a whole, and supporting you to get back on track. This journey usually also involves working from the inside-out; developing a greater awareness of our thinking, of how our thoughts shape our reality and a deepening understanding of the interplay between thought, mind and consciousness.



Workshops, walks and talks are a wonderful way to increase your knowledge, get outdoors / meet the plants and meet like-minded folk who are interested in a better, more sustainable, natural way of life that enables us all to thrive. Events have a seasonal focus – whether it be looking at wild foods and medicines that are available at a certain times of the year, or exploring a season of our lives.

Bee’s Teas

Blissful botanical brews, are the perfect way to get more herbal goodness in your life! Bee’s Teas started 8 years ago and was developed after receiving a number of compliments about just how tasty my bespoke loose-leaf blends were.  There is a blend for every mood and moment, and it is a great way to spread some herbal love and increase your nutritional diversity. Bee’s Teas uses top-notch quality dried herbs, that are good for you, other communities and the environment too.


May you enjoy exploring my website and connecting in. smile

Bergitte McGovern BSc (hons), MNIMH
Medical herbalist and 3 principles practitioner


Feedback from a mum who consulted Bee with her young son:

“He’s almost there – I’m just giving him one dose of the tonic now, as that seems to be enough to keep him regular, as he is eating so much better now. He has regained all of the lost weight. He started school this week and was not anxious at all! ? Thanks so much for all of you help. The tonic has improved his (and my) quality of life so much. “

Digestive Improvement

One week after seeing Bee and implementing dietary recommendations and taking a bespoke herbal medicine:
“Things are certainly settling down guts-wise. Bloating has been greatly reduced, and there has been only minimal and brief episodes of minor pain on the lower right hand side. Bowel movements are more regular. I feel less tired, which is always welcome… I feel that my bladder is beginning to empty more efficiently and am now only getting up to go to the loo once at night, which might account for the increase in energy levels.”

From mum with newborn

“I’m a new mum to a now 4 month old baby. I had my first consultation with Bee after my GP and the medication I was prescribed were unhelpful for a persistent infection that was impacting breastfeeding. Bee’s thorough and holistic approach was extremely reassuring and she was able to provide a herbal tincture and advice on supplements that helped to ensure my recovery.”

Foraging walk feedback

“I have the opportunity of attending Bergitte’s latest foraging and cooking workshop, and had the most amazing day! I went with my husband and son and we all took something away from the day….from feeling more confident in identifying edible plants, to knowing how best to cook with them, to learning a bit of their medicinal properties, to feasting on a 7(?) course meal that was absolutely amazing, to coming away with some new, easy flexible recipes and some fantastic herbal teas….she even ordered up a day of sunshine! I couldn’t fault the day if I tried!”

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