My practice is based on knowledge, experience and heart. The core of my practise is about supporting you with the power of plants.

Treatments are tailored around your needs and packages are woven together to best support your needs.

For one person this may mean a treatment plan based around herbal medicine, which incorporates nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, and for another individual it may mean a herbal medicine consultation including herbal medicines and be followed by a series of aromatherapy massages, whilst monitoring their overall progress and adjusting their medicine and treatment plan as required.

Treatment plans are discussed and agreed together and are set out to be realistic, achievable and measurable. We work together each step of the way.

Consultations provide an opportunity to develop an understanding of your needs. We will discuss what prompted you to make an appointment, go through your medical history and talk about the best way forward.

Herbal medicine consultations require an in depth discussion regarding your medical history, this may not be necessary for some Aromatherapy treatments.

Call Bee if you would like to discuss your healthcare needs further and benefit from a free 10 minute chat.

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