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We are part of nature, whole and complete, but there are times when we can lose our sense of direction and connection. We can find that our health deteriorates and we are no longer in the flow, if left unchecked we may find that it leads on to a diagnosable medical condition developing. Our body works hard to let us know when all is not well. If you feel your health or wellbeing is deteriorating, but can’t quite put your finger on what is going on, or have a medical diagnosis and would like support, then do get in touch. I offer online consultations to individuals based in the UK (if appropriate) and in-person appointments from my clinic in Whitchurch, Shropshire.


Please note my next new client availability is in August.

Introductory calls are available in July.


Work with me

A 1-2-1 approach puts you at the centre, treating you as the unique individual you really are. We are complex individuals, where our state of health is determined by the interplay of how we engage with the world, our overall lifestyles, along with our diets. I am trained in the same diagnostic skills as orthodox doctors; however, my approach is holistic and recognises the complex interplay between various bodily systems, along with the mind and spirit. My aim is to treat the underlying case of the dis-ease, not just the symptoms. This involves getting a deep understanding of what is going on at the moment, along with information on your overall health. All the pieces of the puzzle are laid out and frequently patterns emerge, leading to a better understanding of what is going on. 

Over the years I have witnessed time and time again the shift that occurs when we move from the stuck state of feeling like we are a victim of a disease or a situation, to understanding the nature of the disease or situation. This allows us to step back and engage with it in a different way.  Our state of mind has a huge impact on our health and this is something we can actively explore together.  By deepening into our understanding of how our reality is created and recognising when we are getting in our own way, we naturally shift towards a space that is freer and more in the flow.  By really seeing things from a fresh perspective and our experience of life becomes lighter and more joyous

There is no definitive list of conditions I treat – I treat individuals! The underlying cause behind one person having high blood pressure may be different from another. The same applies to chronic respiratory complaints, digestive disorders – from grumbling gallbladders to IBS, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, depression and perimenopausal struggles.

Education is key – an important part of my approach is explaining what is going on your body. When you understand what is likely to be going on and why certain recommendations are being made then you can understand why it’s important to embrace the changes that have been recommended. Changes I recommend are tailored around you – my aim is to make them realistic, achievable and measurable. Once size doesn’t fit all.

 There are two main support packages that I offer.  One focuses on working with nature via herbal medicine, lifestyle and nutrition and covers a 9 week period, the other takes things further, by delving deeper into understanding our true Nature in addition to the above, this package which has a transformation aspect covers a 12 week period and enables us to work more deeply, with the potential of even further longer terms benefits. 

Herbal Support Package

This 9 week package focuses on supporting you with natural medicine in the forms of nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, herbal medicine and flower remedies to help shift and restore balance. 

We will delve into the nature of how your body is functioning, by getting a comprehensive understanding of how your body is ‘performing’ – from the detail of what led you to consult with me, through to understanding how well your different bodily systems are functioning, along with your innate constitution and any constitutional imbalances you may be experiencing. 

This package includes:

  • An in-depth initial appointment (up to 1.5 hours)
  • A detailed and personalised treatment plan
  • 2 additional appointments to review progress and make any required adjustments.
  • Herbal medicines specific to your needs and adjusted over the package period

 The package price, including any herbal medicines which are dispensed is £465 for the full 9 week period.  Full payment is due one week prior to your first appointment, alternatively the package is payable in two instalments.  If you still require support at the end of this package period we will take things on a step by step basis.As an outcome of your appointment you will be emailed a summary of agreed areas of focus, including next steps and details of your herbal medicine prescription.   

Transformational Support Package 

 This is a 12 week support package, which combines the power of bespoke herbal medicines, with deep transformational work, via compassionate coaching and deep listening.  You get to see from a fresh perspective how you create your reality and how your thinking can help or hinder.  We will explore your innate wellbeing and ‘psychological immune system’, which is always working in the background in your favour, but can feel out of reach at times. Via fresh insights and an increased awareness of where you are operating from, powerful and profound shifts may occur.  These naturally result in a positive shift in your overall wellbeing, which combined with the power of herbs, tailored nutritional and lifestyle recommendations can provide lasting results.

 This package includes:

  • 3 herbal medicine and listening sessions – each up to 2 hours long
  • A detailed and personalised treatment plan as an outcome of your first appointment
  • Herbal medicines, which are formulated for your own individual needs and adjusted as required for the full 12 week period
  • A listening and review session towards the end of the 12 weeks
  • Free access to attend group zoom sessions to check in and touch base, with a focus on the inside-out understanding / 3 principles. You will be invited to attend sessions, which are held every 2-3 months after your first two appointments, and have free access to these for 12 months

 The full package price is £785.  Full payment is due one week prior to your first appointment or via a payment plan upon agreement.  If you still require support at the end of this package period we will take things on a step by step basis.

Special areas of interest within my practice


Mental health

Our state of mind has a huge effect on our physical wellbeing and so many health conditions are interlinked with our state of mind. Many conditions like eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure, insomnia, PMS, perimenopause symptoms are all adversely impacted when we are struggling with our mental health. Anxious thinking, depressive thoughts and traumatic life events can have a huge knock-on effect to our physical wellbeing. Working with the mind-body-spirit connection via an understanding of the three principles and working with herbal medicines and flower remedies can be extremely powerful in terms of creating space for deep healing to occur, allowing us to access our inner wisdom, and shift us back to a better state of flow.

Midlife Magic - The perimenopausal journey

This is another particular area of focus within my practice. Not least because I am in midlife myself, but also because midlife can be so underrated. There is much potential for magic in midlife – even if you are a woman struggling through the peri-menopause! The perimenopause is a transition, and it can be tricky to navigate, but huge rewards can be reaped along the way.

Transitioning well is underpinned by getting smart about how we nourish ourselves, reviewing our lifestyles and very often, slowing down where we can.  These are HUGE foundational cornerstones and the herbs are overlaid on top of these and specifically address what is going on for the woman as an individual. 

The perimenopause is also a real opportunity to invest in ourselves in a way that enables us to live well for longer.  Any positive changes we make now will repay us later.  Now is the time to make the changes required!  In my practice I support woman who want to transition completely naturally, along with those who choose to use HRT.  In fact, since GP prescribing of HRT has increased, I have seen an increase in woman wanting to receive herbal medicine support as many find that the HRT isn’t addressing all of their needs.

The over medicalisation of the peri-menopause is of deep concern to me.  We are not hormonally deficient – our lifestyles are deficient and there is SO much we can do to support ourselves, and ultimately thrive!

If my approach resonates with you and you would like to explore how my treatment approach may benefit you please do book in an introductory a call.

Please note my next new client availability is in August.

Introductory calls are available in July.


What is not included 

The packages don’t include supplements or diagnostic tests.  These are only recommended if required on a case by case basis.  10% discount on high quality supplements from trusted manufacturers is available for the duration of the package, and beyond.


Any information that you share with me is treated in the strictest of confidence. I work to the highest standards of practice and in accordance with GDPR. I am a member of theNational Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH)and abide by their strict code of ethics.