Herbal Medicine Consultations


Herbal medicine consultations put YOU at the centre, treating you as the unique individual you really are.

My herbal medicine practice is very much a head and heart affair. I am trained in the same diagnostic skills as orthodox doctors; however, my approach is holistic and recognises the complex interplay between various bodily systems, along with the mind and spirit. My aim is to treat the underlying case of the dis-ease, not just the symptoms. Your bespoke herbal medicine is formulated around you and treatments almost always include nutritional advice and lifestyle tips.  In fact it is fair to say that lifestyle and nutritional advice frequently underpin the treatment – they are the foundations upon which all else is built. Areas of achievable change are identified and focused on and all advice is implemented in a step by step fashion with support along the way.

As a Medical Herbalist there is no definitive list of conditions I treat – I treat individuals! The underlying cause behind one person having high blood pressure may be different from another. The same applies to chronic respiratory complaints, digestive disorders – from grumbling gallbladders to IBS, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, ‘depression’ and perimenopausal struggles.

One off health check consultations are available, these are particularly helpful for checking drug-herb interactions and for those who like to look after their health independently but would like expert input to reconfirm or refine their area of focus – this is particularly important when it comes to lifestyle and nutrition.

Education is key – an important part of my approach is explaining what is going on your body. When you understand what is likely to be going on and why certain recommendations are being made then you can understand why it’s important to embrace the changes that have been recommended. Changes I recommend are tailored around you – my aim is to make them realistic, achievable and measurable. Once size doesn’t fit all.
Over the years I have witnessed time and time again the shift that occurs when we move from the stuck state of feeling like we are a victim of a disease or a situation, to understanding the nature of the disease or situation. This allows us to step back and engage with it in a different way. It becomes possible to see and map out new ways forwards and put a fresh plan in place.

If my approach resonates with you and you would like to explore how a course of treatments may benefit you please do give me a call.


COVID-19: The majority of appointments are being done via video platform or telephone. Medicines may be collected or are posted out.

My standard clinic days are Tuesdays and Thursdays and appointments may be booked via this link.

If you are looking at making an appointment for the first time I will need to make sure it is appropriate for the consultation to be undertaken remotely, rather than in person and I will go through a few checks with you at the time you book.


When you first come to see me we will spend time exploring the detail of your health concerns. We will also discuss your general medical history and lifestyle. Whilst being restricted to video platform consultations during COVID-19 I will be unable to take your blood pressure and pulse, and if relevant do a physical examination, much in the same way a GP would. If you have any copies of blood test results or diagnostic tests these are really helpful too, along with details of any medication or supplements you are taking.

A treatment plan is usually formulated towards the end of the consultation, which is completely individual and personalised to you. It may involve some nutritional and lifestyle advice, along with supplements and herbal medicines. Treatment plans are about setting realistic, achievable goals, which will support you on your road to good health. Areas of focus are discussed and agreed with you. Your herbal medicine prescription is formulated for you and is usually dispensed at the end of the consultation.

The first consultation usually takes up to 1 hour (excluding the dispensing of herbal medicines).

Adults: £65
Children (under 16): £45


A follow-up appointment is usually arranged for approximately two weeks later in order to assess your progress and get feedback. By reviewing progress adjustments can be made to your treatment as required, including adjustments to your herbal medicine prescription. Thereafter follow-up appointments will usually be made according to your individual needs.

The standard length of a follow-up appointment is usually 30 minutes (excluding the dispensing of medicines), however shorter and longer appointments are available and are scheduled to suit your needs.

Midi (standard follow-up) – up to 30 minutes.  Adults: £38     Children (under 16): £28

Maxi – up to 60 minutes & £65.  These longer appointments are ideal for complex cases and when we might need to delve deeper or include additional techniques in the treatment; for example EFT, breathing exercises or grounding techniques.

Mini – up to 15 minutes & £22. Short and sweet and to the point!  Mini consultations are only suitable in a few cases. Most individuals require a standard 30min midi consultation.  Please confirm with Bee prior to booking.


Any information that you share with me is treated in the strictest of confidence. I work to the highest standards of practice and in accordance with GDPR. I am a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) and abide by their strict code of ethics.


High quality, therapeutic grade herbs are used throughout my practice. Herbal medicine prescriptions are formulated around your individual needs and are usually prescribed and dispensed at the end of your consultation.

If your herbal medicines are working well for you and there isn’t a need for a follow-up consultation you can order repeat prescriptions of your medicine. In such cases we will usually agree on having a review at a future date.

The cost of herbal medicines vary depending on what has been prescribed. Generally speaking personalised herbal teas blends work out the most cost effectively. An outline of prices may be found below.

Herbal medicine charges

Prescription herbal tea blends: £8.50 per 100g (if taken three times per day will last approximately 25 days).
Prescription herbal tinctures (liquid medicine): £8.50 per 100ml, which generally lasts 1 week. These are most commonly prescribed due to ease of use.
Flower Remedies: £8 per dropper bottle.
Herbal capsules, creams, oils and balms are individually priced.

Repeat Prescriptions

A dispensing fee of £5 is charged for repeat prescriptions, if multiple items are dispensed the charge is £8.

Medicines can be posted out to individuals upon request.

RecyclingTinctures are usually dispensed in glass bottles – please return any medical glassware for re-use and recycling.


Payment should be made at the end of each consultation by cash, card, BACS payment or cheque.

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise a cancellation fee of £20 is payable.

Gift vouchers are available to purchase.