Herb Walks

herb talks

I am passionate about getting folk outside in nature. Reconnecting with our beautiful plant allies and the earth. I love leading walks – whether their primary focus is on foods or medicines, or even basic plant identification.

When we go outside and do a spot of foraging not only do we increase the diversity of our diet (just think your average western person’s diet consists of approximately just 30 foods!) but we get outside into daylight (a chance to produce some Vitamin D), the light spectrum helps our moods, and healthy outdoor air can even provide us with a dose of probiotics dispensed by the soil beneath our feet!

A lot of our common wild plants are also powerful medicines – you will never look at a ‘weed’ in the same way again! Learning about wild medicines can also encourage health autonomy as there are many herbs which can be used to enhance health and treat basic illnesses.

Immersing ourselves in nature encourages mindfulness and is a beautiful reminder that we are part of something bigger and that we are all interconnected. We engage our senses (smell, sounds, sight, touch and even taste) and become more alive and present.

Walks are scheduled through the year, please look at my events page for future dates.

If you are part of a club or group that is interested in a walk do get in touch. Walks usually last 1½ to 2 hours and a range of habitats can be covered – locations and areas of interest can be accommodated for. Call to discuss.